Preliminary report on EMO 2013


Performance PLUS – Innovative concepts for production rooms of the future

At EMO 2013, the KOMET GROUP will push the added value of its comprehensive offering of precision tools to the forefront and position itself as a provider of innovative concepts. In addition to technical products, customers enjoy a crucial PLUS – a whole range of services, including maintenance, coating and process support. The KOMET GROUP also offers valuable assistance with respect to energy-efficient and resource-sparing cutting operations.

With the brands KOMET® , DIHART® and JEL® , the KOMET GROUP is one of the worldwide technology leaders in high-precision drilling, reaming and threading. KOMET has other cutting techniques covered, too, with innovative tool concepts that include indexable inserts and carbide milling cutters.

One of these innovative solutions was unveiled at EMO 2013: the hi.aeQ-facing arbour milling cutter, which stands out as the ideal tool for the reliable shoulder and face milling of cast materials. It is distinguished by a high tooth quantity on the outside diameter and particularly low cutting forces. The Q80 tangential indexable inserts are designed for boring and milling operations. Thanks to the upright arrangement, each insert has eight usable cutting edges.

The constant ongoing development of the KOMET® tool portfolio is typified by the refined conceptual design of the KOMET TwinKom® lightweight double cutter, which promises particularly economical cutting results. The tools unveiled at EMO 2013 are especially stiff, support high torques and deliver powerful cutting performance. KOMET TwinKom® double cutters are highly versatile, being usable as a double-edged cutter for roughing, a single-edged cutter for finishing, a follow-on tool and, if equipped with an adapter, as a stepped tool. These modular tools are suitable for the 365 mm to 2,000 mm diameter range, with an adjustment range of 40 mm relative to the diameter.

When it comes to particularly cost-effective honing operations, modular KomTronic® U-Axis systems from the mechatronics field play a key role. In combination with special honing tools, these automatically tool-changeable NC axes equip the conventional machining centre with path-controlled honing capabilities. The resulting cost and quality benefits are enormous. Small to medium series production workpieces can be prepared and honed in a single clamping arrangement on the machining centre. Loss of accuracy and time owing to clamping changeovers are avoided, while transport to and storage at a separate honing machine can be consigned to the past. Throughput times are also shortened thanks to the low honing oversizes associated with this particular process.

Tools flanked by services

Aligned in parallel with the tool range of the KOMET GROUP is a comprehensive service offering – a PLUS that is second to none in this industry sector. The flagship brand is KOMET SERVICE® . An extensive network of service partners franchised to the KOMET GROUP ensures the fast and flexible conditioning of customer tools to top quality standard. Furthermore, customers even receive new standard tools directly from their KOMET SERVICE® partner.

KOMET SERVICE® is complemented by another service brand: KOMET RHOBEST®. KOMET RHOBEST GmbH is a technology and quality leader in the field of nano diamond coating. This method makes it possible to apply ultra-fine diamond layers even to complex tool shapes. Tools coated in this way are find particular strength in the cutting of various lightweight materials, such as graphite, fibre-reinforced plastics and aluminium alloys.

A third PLUS for service: KOMET BRINKHAUS GmbH, which specialises in machine tool monitoring and control systems. The core product is the ToolScope system, based on a new type of technology in process and machine monitoring. A special, patented method for statistical process monitoring not only detects tool breakage, but also helps to deliver a significant reduction in production deviations.

Energy efficiency and resource conservation

Another focus of the KOMET GROUP is energy efficiency. In this area, too, metalworking companies need intelligent products, processes and systems to meet the challenges of the future successfully.

In addition to the numerous exhibits – marked with the Bluecompetence logo* – on the trade stand, KOMET is set to deliver real added value at ECO 2013. From 15:00 to 17:00 on Tuesday, 17.09.2013, tooling experts of the KOMET GROUP will convene in the Convention Center, Room 18, to give lectures on energy issues. Dr. Christof Bönsch, Managing Director of the KOMET GROUP, will take the opportunity in his talk “More than simply reducing primary process times – requirements for energy-efficient cutting” to present approaches for substituting machining steps on the tool side. In this way, tool systems can make a key contribution to energy efficiency that goes far beyond the actual chip forming process itself.

Then, in a second talk, development managers Dr. Niklas Kramer and Iris Kohler, head of KOMET SERVICE® , will compare solid carbide and modular drills based on their respective CO2 footprint. The lecturers will address the following questions: Where in the life cycle does the CO2 footprint of a tool leave the greatest marks? Is it in material recovery, manufacture, use or recycling? And what is really the most effective for conservation: regrinding more often, prolonging use or maximising productivity?

*Bluecompetence is the sustainability initiative of the VDMA, which the KOMET GROUP has also joined. Through the pooled resources, know-how and strengths of all forces working with the VDMA, it is intended that the collective worldwide position as technology leader in sustainable production and products should be consolidated and expanded.

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