Regrinding service and new tools in the customer's immediate vicinity


In addition to its comprehensive range of tools, the KOMET GROUP, a single-source supplier of precision tools, also offers numerous additional services, for example through its service brand KOMET SERVICE®. Our many KOMET SERVICE® partners, linked together in a franchise system, are dedicated to providing a fast regrinding service and also offer a large selection of solid carbide, carbide-tipped and HSS standard tools from the KOMET GROUP. Even solid carbide special tools can be procured through these partners.

The close-knit network of 16  KOMET SERVICE®  partners in Germany guarantees extremely fast response times. There are also partner companies in Austria, Switzerland, France, Sweden, the Czech Republic and the USA, and they too provide the professional tool service from the KOMET GROUP. To find your nearest partner company, you can go to our homepage at

In addition to convenient geographical proximity, the KOMET SERVICE® scores highly in three areas. Each of the partners provides fast and flexible reconditioning of tools to the highest standard. They also give expert advice on new tools and supply these from the complete KomPass TOOLlife tool range. Thirdly, it is not just standard tools which may be acquired through KOMET SERVICE® partners. In close collaboration with the main production facility, they even produce individual solid carbide special tools.

The KOMET SERVICE®'s free collect and deliver services make it particularly convenient. Either following a telephone call from the customer or after the agreed interval, the ground tools are collected and brought back as new within five days (or ten days when coating has been requested). The cost structure is transparent. The services are calculated from a price list or, if individually requested, on the basis of an itemised offer and, as a result, can be exactly and reliably calculated.

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