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With ecoScope, KOMET BRINKHAUS GmbH has developed a system that is able to monitor and record types of energy such as steam, electricity, compressed air and temperature. The data can be visualised and logged in the form of Excel tables or an image file. This allows users to record the energy flows in a machine based on the machine status and reveal silent consumers to identify areas of potential savings. The ecoScope system therefore forms a fundamental component of individual energy management systems.

KOMET BRINKHAUS, a subsidiary of the KOMET GROUP, develops and produces monitoring and control systems for machine tools and production plants. Energy management is a segment of the market that is experiencing considerable growth. In this area, KOMET BRINKHAUS develops efficient solutions for the monitoring, measurement and documentation of energy-related output. It also offers consultation services for process monitoring and the implementation of energy management systems.

One of the latest developments from KOMET BRINKHAUS is the ecoScope system, which is ideally suited to recording, visualising and logging forms of energy such as pressure, flow rate, temperature and similar. This allows users to record the energy flows in a machine or production plant based on the status of the machine in each case (e.g. setup, adjustment, production) and identify silent consumers as areas where savings can be made. Once the balance of energy has been determined based on the machine status, energy-saving concepts can be developed. Peripheral machine equipment such as pumps, chip conveyors and other auxiliary devices can usually be easily turned off during quiet periods, thereby saving a considerable amount of energy.

The new ecoScope system enables sensors with current interfaces, e.g. 0 to 20 mA or voltage interfaces, e.g. ±10 V to be easily connected so that a large number of measuring transducers can be used. To provide a high level of comfort and convenience, the ecoScope system can be accessed via any network and can be operated remotely.


The ecoScope system from KOMET BRINKHAUS forms a fundamental component of individual energy management systems, which are increasingly in demand. The background: Even at national level, climate protection targets have been approved which focus, among other things, on energy consumption and energy management. The state has given companies incentives such as tax reliefs to tackle energy consumption and introduce suitable management systems. The surplus settlements as per Section 10 of the Electricity Taxation Act will therefore play a part in recovering part of the companies' tax payments. To receive these tax reliefs, companies are required to reduce their consumption of electrical energy by a certain amount each year and satisfy the following conditions: from 2013 onwards, they must introduce an energy management system (EnMS) as per DIN EN ISO 50001, which can be certified according to this standard by 2015. In subsequent years, they must provide evidence of additional savings generated by technical modernisations.

The implementation of an energy management system as per DIN EN ISO 50001 must apply to all levels within a company. This international standard is based on the continuous improvement process known as the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act). The multi-stage concept must begin with the definition of a starting point based on the amount of energy used. Key energy figures are defined and action plans drawn up. In the second step, the action plans for energy management must be introduced within the company. This is closely tied in with step 3, which is the monitoring, measurement and documentation of processes. Finally, further measures for the continuous improvement of energy efficiency must be drawn up and introduced.


The advantages of ecoScope


·         Measurement of various forms of energy

·         Documentation as an image file and Excel table

·         Can be accessed remotely via TCP/IP

·         Various filter options

·         Simple operation

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