Higher clamping force – simpler operation


The latest version of the KOMET ABS® coupling system provides 20 percent more clamping force and even simpler operation. It is compatible with all previous models and continues to satisfy the strict requirements for accuracy. The improved force transmission even results in higher cutting values and less noise development in some cases.

During the cutting process, the tool adapter must be able to transfer the forces that occur reliably and without vibration in order to guarantee a high-quality machining result. The same applies to the interfaces of modular cutting tools, which enable the use of replaceable heads, extensions or adapters. The ABS® tool clamping and coupling system from the KOMET GROUP, which was introduced in 1981, is now one of the most commonly used systems throughout the world.

The basic principle is simple and effective. The ABS® coupling consists of an adapter (spindle) and a spigot shaft part (tool). In addition to the cylindrical hole, the adapter also features two cross-threads with a clamping and taper screw. The spigot shaft part features a cylindrical spigot with a cross-bore, a so-called pendulum bolt and a positioning pin. Thanks to the offset between the clamping and taper screw and the pendulum bolt, the taper surfaces make contact when the two screws are tightened, creating two-sided tensioning via the axial force components. The precisely matched dimensioning of the ABS® system, together with an extremely low fitting tolerance, results in minimum deformation during clamping and thereby a self-centring four-point contact, which ensures a high bending strength and repeatability as well as favourable damping behaviour.

Over time, it has been possible to make a number of detailed improvements. By making changes to the contour of the inserts, KOMET has finally been able to increase the clamping force and make the system even more user-friendly. Instead of a 90° tip, the pendulum bolt now has a stepped shape at the flank towards the taper screw with two contact parts. The new contour extends the basic body of the pendulum bolt, thereby achieving improved guidance in the hole of the spigot. The taper screw was also redesigned. These changes have resulted in an increased clamping force with the same tightening torque – or a reduced torque with the same clamping force.

As a result of the modifications, there is also greater accuracy and improved overall rigidity of the ABS® system, which means that high-performance cutting tools can be used. The clamping process has also been shortened by around 25 percent as a result of the recent changes. This is aided by the fact that the clamping process requires fewer thread rotations and the taper screw has a larger wrench recess.

And long-standing customers need not worry – the new version is 100% compatible with all previous ABS® systems. Existing and new components can be freely combined with each other. Increased output, however, can only be achieved with a completely new system (adapter and spigot shaft part).


Advantages of the new KOMET ABS® coupling system

·         Better transmission of power

·         Achieves higher cutting values

·         More symmetrical clamping

·         Improved accuracy, particularly in the case of tools with a long projection

·         System 100% upwards and downwards compatible

·         Suitable for ABS®, ABS-N® and ABS-T®

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