Energy harvesters


Modern cutting tools are often equipped with electronic components such as integrated measuring systems that use a digital display. The KOMET GROUP has developed an integrated energy harvesting system to take care of their energy supply.

In order to supply sensors, displays or even complete mechatronic tools with the necessary power, it has previously been necessary to use a wired solution, complex inductive power transfer or batteries, with all the associated limitations. It would be far more practical, however, to generate, store and release the necessary energy where it is actually needed. It was with this in mind that the researchers and developers from the KOMET GROUP approached the subject of "energy harvesting". This term refers to the recovery of small amounts of electrical energy from sources such as ambient temperature, movements, vibrations or airflows.

The energy harvesting system from the KOMET GROUP is based on the following approach: "The tools are usually used in fast-turning spindles. The inertia of mass between the dynamic run-up and deceleration is ideal for generating a small amount of energy." Calculations made by the KOMET GROUP have confirmed this assumption. Depending on the mass and the design, enough energy can be generated in this way to at least supply measuring devices and digital displays.

Plans drawn up by the KOMET GROUP envisage the placement of the energy harvesting system between the spindle and the tool. The spindle would be provided with an HSK interface and the tool with a KOMET ABS® coupling system. This would provide both the machine and tool with a modular design and allow any current products to be connected to the ABS® system. The flat bearing face of the ABS® coupling can be used to integrate the necessary electrical contacts for supplying devices such as callipers, displays or wireless connections.

As well as energy recovery, other general functions, such as wireless data transmission and display, can also be integrated into an energy harvesting system of this type. It can therefore be used as a standardised element for a wide range of tools and help users make double the savings. Large quantities generally mean lower purchasing costs and it is not necessary to buy a separate energy harvesting system with each tool/calliper, etc.

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