Step drills with replaceable carbide head


With the screw-in, double-edged solid carbide drill heads from the KUB K2® series, KOMET® has a replaceable head system in its range that is particularly impressive through its ease of use. Using a patented attachment point, the carbide heads are self-clamping and self-centring, which enables a high level of repeat accuracy. They can also be easily changed within a short time, directly at the machine.

These KUB K2® replaceable heads are available in a range of different high-end geometries and coatings, and the KOMET GROUP now also offers them in the new KUB K2® step drills. They range in a spectrum from simple, single-step tools for chamfering and deburring, through to three-step, complex drilling contours, for which the special tools are equipped with indexable inserts from the KOMET GROUP's extensive range of inserts. Using the KUB K2® heads, step drills can now be configured, whose material-cutting tool elements can be replaced, including the tip. Furthermore, they make it possible to create step drills even for small diameters of between 10 and 20.5 mm.

Configuration of the new KUB K2® step drills is possible using the now well-established KOMET® Easy Special range, which allows customers to order special tools easily and in specific dimensions. Depending of the complexity of the tool, delivery is made within a few days, and the pricing level of these tools is close the level offered for standard tools.

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