Preliminary report on AMB 2014


The KOMET GROUP at AMB 2014: Hall 1, Booth B12

Expertise in milling

The KOMET GROUP will be showcasing its wide range of tool innovations at the AMB trade fair in Stuttgart and the IMTS trade fair in Chicago under the slogan "THE CUTTING EDGE – Solutions for best performance". KOMET's expertise in milling will take centre stage, as demonstrated through the company's expanded and improved portfolio of solid carbide and indexable insert milling tools, amongst other things. In addition, a range of new tools in the drilling, reaming and mechatronics areas will be presented at the trade fairs, accompanied by a comprehensive range of services provided by KOMET SERVICE® and KOMET BRINKHAUS.

The KOMET GROUP is well-known as a leading innovator for high-precision drilling, reaming and threading, but the precision tools manufacturer also has a wide range of high-performance milling cutters. In particular, this includes the completely new range of indexable insert milling tools, which contains over 80 new products. All of these end, arbor, screw-in, shell-end and chamfer milling cutters will be on show at AMB 2014. Thanks to their innovative design and special indexable insert geometries they are able to achieve efficient machining on a variety of materials.

One example from the new generation of KOMET® indexable insert milling cutters is the KOMET® hi.apQ shoulder/slot mill. The tool is equipped with highly positive APKT indexable inserts and is suitable for shoulder and slot milling, trimming and circular interpolation milling. Almost any machining situation can be handled efficiently thanks to the wide range of main carriers (e.g. end, arbor and screw-in cutters). Just as new is the KOMET® Quatron Chamfer milling cutter. It is suitable for chamfering workpiece edges and large holes, for both forward and reverse machining.

After being unveiled last year, the high-performance KOMET® hi.aeQ facing arbor milling cutter has already proven its outstanding abilities for reliably face milling cast materials. As a result, the KOMET GROUP is now adding 40 and 50 mm versions to go alongside the current 63, 80, 100, 125 and 160 mm diameters. Indexable inserts are now also available in sizes Q80-20 and in different versions for these smaller KOMET® hi.aeQ diameters.

Expanded range of solid carbide tools

KOMET's expanded range of solid carbide end milling cutters, JEL® F.line, is offering new perspectives. It provides tools with diameters from 1.0 to 25.0 mm, which are perfect for use with iron and steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metal, soft and hard machining (up to 65 HRC), and mould and die making. New products were added to the existing solid carbide tools, which themselves had new diameters and lengths: For example, special graphite milling cutters, spherical milling cutters for aluminium and an HPC finishing end mill which stands out for its high level of vibration damping.

The KOMET GROUP's comprehensive solid carbide tool range also includes the KOMET DIHART® Fullmax solid carbide reaming tools, which, with new first-cut geometry and coating, are suitable for use with almost all materials.

The drilling sector has been expanded to include the KUB® Drillmax 3xD as a standard model, the KUB® Drillmax XL 12xD for deep-hole drilling, and the KUB® Drillmax VA in length 5xD for use with stainless steels. All drills stand out for their outstanding performance which is achieved thanks to a geometry developed specially for each application combined with a wear-resistant coating.

The mechatronic KomTronic® U-axis systems, available in several variants, are one of the KOMET GROUP's specialities. Generally, these tooling systems work with an indirect encoder. The KOMET GROUP offers a direct encoder as an optional extra, which also takes into account interference from mechanical elements. This technology is now also available for the mechanical KomDrive facing heads. Although precision was already high, this still constitutes yet another significant improvement in repeat accuracy.

Tools flanked by services

KOMET SERVICE®, with its comprehensive network of highly-qualified KOMET SERVICE® partners, is an important addition to the customer-oriented tool range. It guarantees – at short notice and reliably – professional regrinding and individual re-coating services in original quality, alongside precise tool retipping. In addition, it provides new tools from the readily available TOOLlife range as well as simple solid carbide special tools.

KOMET BRINKHAUS GmbH is also part of the KOMET GROUP's services division. This subsidiary develops, produces and distributes monitoring and control systems for machine tools. The company's primary focus is the product family known as ToolScope, a system based on high-end technology used in process and machine monitoring. Using a special, patented method for statistical process control, it is possible to not only monitor tool breakage but also observe significantly lower manufacturing deviations. As a result, ToolScope can provide a method for quality control never seen before, in addition to the usual methods of process control. The KOMET® BRINKHAUS ToolScope system is also characterised by its user-friendliness and many additional modules, such as adaptive feed rate control and energy monitoring. Using a wide network of tooling and process experts, KOMET BRINKHAUS also offers, a wide range of different services which extend through to comprehensive support of the system and manufacturing process.

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