Facing head with direct position measuring system


The mechatronic KomTronic® U-axis systems, available in several variants, are one of the KOMET GROUP's specialities. They essentially consist of a compact facing head that is driven by a servo motor. The movement of the cutting-edge carrier is interpolated with the Z-axis, whereby contour and turning operations of any kind are possible on parts that are not rotationally symmetrical.

Generally, these tooling systems work with an indirect encoder. The KOMET GROUP offers a direct encoder as an optional extra, which also takes into account interference from mechanical elements. Thanks to the direct encoder on the slider, the control can be used to react immediately. In this way, significantly better repeat accuracy can be achieved in comparison to indirect systems.

This technology is now also available for the purely mechanical KomDrive facing heads. This means that, although precision was previously already high, facing heads with direct position measuring are significantly improved once again in terms of repeat accuracy.

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