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The KOMET GROUP is continuously expanding its expertise in the field of indexable insert milling. By the time of EMO Milano 2015, a full range consisting of various face-milling cutters, shoulder-milling cutters, groove-milling cutters, copy millers, high-feed milling cutters and circular insert milling cutters will be available.

In addition to the KOMET® Quatron hi.feed, KOMET® hi.aeQ and KOMET® hi.apQ milling cutter lines presented in the course of the last two years, the KOMET® Q55-KCM (KOMET® copy-milling) copy miller is now already part of the ex-stock portfolio. It is particularly suitable for machining turbine blades, but can also be used very universally. Indexable inserts that can be indexed eight times and are in the sizes R..10 and R..12 ensure economical use.

Due to the use of further indexable insert shapes, such as SDMX, EOMT or circular inserts with wiper geometry on the same basic body, this milling cutter system is an all-rounder as far as the machining options are concerned. The KOMET® Q55-KCM for chamfer milling and high-feed milling cutters can thus likewise be used. Tipped with circular wiper inserts, it ensures particularly good surface quality.

There are six different topographies available for the circular inserts of the new KOMET® milling range and these are matched to the material to be machined. These special indexable inserts are available for steel, hard and cast iron machining, for non-ferrous metals, stainless steels and high-temperature resistant steels or titanium/titanium alloys. They can be provided with various high-performance coatings. This results in extremely effective and economical KOMET® Q55-KCM milling cutters that are suitable for use in mass production as well as for machining individual parts and for small-scale machining with constantly changing requirements.

Visit the KOMET GROUP at EMO Milano 2015 in Hall 10 – A16/B07. There you will find detailed information on innovative tools such as the new KOMET® Q55-KCM copy miller.

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