New manufacturing technologies for high-end indexable inserts


Diamond tools are in demand more than ever. KOMET GROUP is tracking the predicted growth for the coming years by significantly extending its range of ISO PCD indexable inserts. In autumn, the range of ISO indexable inserts available from KOMET GROUP will be expanded to over 900 items. In addition to PCD products, CVD thick film diamond-tipped indexable inserts can then also be supplied. All variants are manufactured using the latest production technology, such as laser machining and high-vacuum soldering, which results in high-quality cutting edges and variable geometries as well as improved cutting results and longer tool life.

At EMO 2015, KOMET GROUP is presenting a complete range of ISO PCD and CVD-D indexable inserts, which includes a wide variety of geometries (CC, CP, DC, RC, RD, TC, VB, VC, etc.). The KOMET® range will then amount to over 900 different products, thanks to the different versions – for example a corner blank or full-sided blank, full face, wiper, with 3D finishing and roughing chip breakers, etc..

New to the range are versions with innovative CVD thick film diamond, which, compared with PCD, does not contain a binder and is characterised by having the maximum achievable hardness. Top results can be achieved particularly when machining extremely abrasive materials such as CFRP, GFRP and graphite. When used in aluminium machining, CVD-D tools achieve a tool life that is many times that of comparable PCD tools.

The previous reluctance to use this high-end cutting material can be attributed to it being difficult to machine – and the laser technology required to do this has only been available for a relatively short time. The KOMET GROUP now uses this type of laser system as standard. It is suitable both for cutting PCD and CVD-D inserts and for making any 3D contours for chip breakers, for example.

Unlike ground cutting edges, lasered cutting edges are far less jagged. This is because the laser cuts through the diamond grain (and the binder). During the grinding process, however, the grains are broken out, meaning that the grain size determines the jaggedness. Laser cutting therefore makes it possible to use PCD with coarser graining and it consequently provides a longer tool life. The reduction in jaggedness that the laser achieves results in fewer weak points where tool wear can occur. This also improves the tool life of the tool, whilst simultaneously producing a better surface finish.

The dimensional accuracy also benefits from laser cutting. This is most evident at the tangential transitions from the straight sides of an insert to the radius and at the radius itself. With a ground insert, a slight discontinuity often occurs at the transition to the radius, and radii cannot be properly formed. This effect does not occur during laser cutting.

Another advantage of laser technology is the possibility of creating almost any 3D contours in the insert. The grinding process is restricted by the grinding wheel, meaning that only simple, open structures can be generated as chip breakers in the PCD indexable insert. With a laser, individual closed shapes such as calottes can be inserted as well, which provide better chip control. This is particularly noticeable with long-chipping materials such as aluminium.

The new KOMET® ISO PCD indexable inserts are impressive not just because of the advances achieved by laser machining. The KOMET GROUP has also improved the rest of the manufacturing process: Instead of soldering the PCD inserts inductively on the carbide base body, which was previously the case, this now takes place under high vacuum. A higher-strength solder is used in this extremely reliable procedure, which in turn results in longer tool life. This creates high-end products that consistently deserve this designation.

Visit the KOMET GROUP at EMO Milano 2015 in Hall 10 – A16/B07. There you will find detailed information on innovative tools such as the new ISO PCD and CVD-D indexable inserts.

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