A comprehensive Industry 4.0 solution for machining


The KOMET GROUP marks a milestone for the machining industry in relation to the Industry 4.0 concept: With the introduction of firmware version 10, the ToolScope monitoring system developed by  KOMET®  BRINKHAUS has become a comprehensive  KOMET®  assistance system for production machining. It includes a large number of applications, known as apps, which make it easy for users to access and utilise the recorded machine, operating and process data.

KOMET®  BRINKHAUS  ToolScope monitors and documents signals internal to the machine during the process, such as the torque of a spindle or the feed force of an axis. Furthermore, it also records results, such as tool changes or machine downtimes. In conjunction with knowledge of what are referred to as process identifiers, such as range, tool, batch number, etc., which are read from the control system, the software is able to provide process-related or tool-related documentation illustrating the average and maximum tool life in the form of candlestick charts, for example. Potential savings on tool costs can be determined from this in conjunction with a table about reasons for tool changes.

In order to offer independent added value to customers,  KOMET®  BRINKHAUS  has developed applications, known as apps, which are easy to license and activate, can be called up on the user interface and provide various services: They have the function of an automatic shift record (TS-BDE app) or a log of tool changes (TS-WLog app), take over adaptive feed-rate regulation  (TS-AFC app), provide an independent cloud database function (TS-Cloud app), are used to identify collisions (TS-CD app) and monitor processes (TS-PM app), and much more.


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