Expanded precision boring range


KOMET®  has developed new lightweight bridges made from aluminium for its  MicroKom®  hi.flex precision drilling system. They are characterised by their low weight and high rigidity and, with four variants, cover a range of diameters from 210 to 365 mm. The KOMET  MicroKom  BluFlex®  precision adjustment head, equipped with state-of-the-art wireless networking, has an identical interface and can therefore also accommodate the new aluminium bridges.

The new lightweight bridges are an ideal way to fill the gap that was previously present in the  KOMET®  precision boring range. They extend the range of diameters covered by the  KOMET  MicroKom®  hi.flex with an adjustment head, various boring bars and intelligently designed adapter solutions upwards from 6 to 215 mm. The modular, adjustable KOMET TwinKom®  double cutters enable a continuation into an even larger range of diameters from 365 to 2000 mm.

In order to be able to use the wide range of indexable inserts available at KOMET® on the  KOMET  MicroKom®  hi.flex too, a new insert seat holder for W30 indexable inserts was also developed. This cartridge is fitted on a serrated holder, resulting in a certain flexibility with regard to the required range of diameters. As a result, a variety of possible variations is available to the users of KOMET  MicroKom®  hi.flex.

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