Damping elements with KOMET ABS® attachment point


If metal cutting tools exceed certain length/diameter ratios, undesirable vibrations may be generated on the tool depending on the material and the cutting edge fitted. These sorts of problems can often be resolved if extensions with damping properties are used in such cases. The KOMET GROUP® offers a range of damping elements in conjunction with a modular KOMET ABS® attachment point - a real plus from KOMET®.



Tool vibrations restrict the product quality that can be achieved with machining and in some cases do not allow certain operations to be carried out at all. The new damping elements from KOMET® are tailored to the requirements of precision boring and will be available in two designs. The KOMET ABS® sizes 25 - 32 consist of a shank that can be clamped in a ThermoGrip® shrink chuck or hydraulic expansion chuck. In the larger heavy-metal designs (KOMET ABS® 40 to 63), the new damping elements are also equipped with a KOMET ABS® attachment point on the spindle side. These damping elements are used in place of simple tool extensions and ensure stable tool ratios up to a length/diameter ratio of 8 x D for aluminium, cast iron and steel materials. The damping elements are optimised for the whole range of precision drilling systems from the KOMET GROUP. When used for longer holes, they increase drilling quality, tool life, and ultimately process reliability.

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