KOMET KUB Centron® Powerline – core bit drill up to 9xD


KOMET KUB Centron® is now even faster


At AMB 2010, the KOMET GROUP is presenting the KOMET KUB Centron® Powerline, a new version of the KOMET KUB Centron® core bit drill. The concept of a continuous drill for large drilling depths remains the same. However, the moniker "Powerline" indicates the new power level introduced with this variant.  


The centring point of the KOMET KUB Centron® gives the tool its name. It guides it precisely in the drill axis and ensures dimensional accuracy at drilling depths of up to 9 x D. In this regard, nothing has changed on the new Powerline. Moreover, the distinctive attachment point also remains. It enables the transmission of high torques and ensures the central positioning of the core bit. The existing core bit is also retained. However, the Powerline series has indexable inserts with four edges. Users benefit from added power with regard to the doubled cutting edge provision and the resulting higher feed rates. These factors are associated with shorter production times. KOMET® is presenting the eagerly awaited KOMET KUB Centron® Powerline at AMB 2010.

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