New KOMET ABS® – even more perfectly connected


The new version of the KOMET ABS® connection offers a real plus in the form of significantly higher clamping forces. It is fully compatible with the existing system and also matches the high precision of the original.


The tool adapter between the tool and the machine is an important element in tool systems. It has to be able to safely transmit the machining forces that occur. In addition, tool adapters have a major influence on the quality of machining results. Furthermore, they contribute to ensuring a cost-effective machining process.  KOMET ABS® connections are modular coupling systems for rotating and standing tools. The interface system is designed in accordance with the principle of modularity. This means that users can quickly and cost effectively use modular machining tools, extensions, and adapters. Since its introduction by KOMET® in 1981, the system has become well established throughout the world. It offers sophisticated components to meet all requirements.


At the AMB 2010, the KOMET GROUP is presenting a version whose technology has been further developed. The patented changes have increased the clamping force by around 20%. This has resulted in a range of improvement details such as an extended guide on the pendulum bolt, a modified tapered section design, and the optimisation of the contact surfaces. In practise, this means better force transmission and improved machining results. In addition, the clamping process is around 25% quicker. This is also aided by the fact that the tapered screw has a larger wrench recess. When operated, the new KOMET ABS® connections are quieter and can achieve higher cutting values. This results in a reduced torque at the same required clamping force. As a result, the tool lives of the components are longer. Thanks to 100% system compatibility, the existing and new tools can be freely combined with each other.

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