KOMET KUB® Precitron – IT8 quality in a single operation


New KOMET® PreciKom indexable insert tools for grey cast iron materials


The new KOMET® PreciKom tools can complete boring and precision finishing in a single operation.


Two operations are usually required to create fits in cast components. First boring (roughing) takes place, and then precision finishing. Until now, this has required two tools and the corresponding tool change times. Moreover, brazed tools have normally been used, especially for precision finishing. Here, indexable insert technology provides significantly more flexibility thanks to quicker availability, more cutting material and coating options, and less effort required for tool reconditioning. Indexable inserts can be easily changed by the user on-site, thus reducing logistics costs and saving on sister tools. In addition, like in the case of the new KOMET® PreciKom, the indexable inserts can be precisely adjusted on a µ scale.


The innovative indexable inserts, which enable both boring and precision finishing, form the basis of the new KOMET® PreciKom. Thanks to their specially developed cutting insert geometry with support chamfers, they do not require the usual guide rails on the basic bodies. They guarantee the required roundness and coaxiality. It is particularly noteworthy that the new tools can achieve drilling qualities of up to IT8 in a single operation for cutting depths (ap) of up to 3.5 mm, i.e. an allowance of up to 7 mm.


The new standard range is initially designed for grey cast iron machining and is available in diameter ranges of 42 to 62 mm. The indexable inserts are available with two different coatings as one tough and one wear-resistant variant. This means that the tools can be optimally adapted to meet the requirements of the application in question on the basis of the material being used. The basic bodies are manufactured in the required L/D ratio of the customer up to a ratio of 5 x D. Of course, KOMET® also supplies these tools as special variants in a diameter range of 32 mm to over 200 mm.

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