Portfolio expansion for the JEL® MOREX form taps


The new  JEL®  MOREX S  solid carbide thread formers from the   KOMET GROUP  expands the fields of application for solid carbide thread formers. Above all, these tools are especially suitable for steel materials with small dimensions.


Thread forming process provides an alternative chipless process to thread cutting and gives you a range of benefits. Coldforming without chip production is particularly well suited for producing threads that are highly stressed. For a long time now, the  KOMET GROUP  has provided the successful  JEL®  MOREX  thread former in a variety of versions. Because of the fact that no chips are produced during the thread forming process, this eliminates any problems relating to chip removal during thread creation and the time-consuming cleaning of components to remove chips. The threads are produced without interrupting the so-called grain structure. The thread surface is compressed and thereby smoother than when thread tapping is used. In terms of static stress, the thread tensile strength of the formed thread is identical to that of one that has been cut or milled, yet it is stronger under dynamic stress. These are the main reasons why the thread forming process is preferred for highly stressed screw connections, particularly in the automotive industry. Even though the cold-forming process requires a comparatively easy-to-shape material with a relatively high breaking elongation,  JEL®  MOREX form taps are used in practice towards the edge of their limit even in materials with < 5% breaking elongation and a tensile strength of over 1,100 N/mm².


With the new JEL®  MOREX S  solid carbide form taps, the  KOMET GROUP  is now expanding its product range into the areas M3 to M8 and M8x1 as well as M10x1. With the exception of the M3 size, the new  JEL®  MOREX S  form taps are available in variants that have an internal coolant supply and side coolant outlet.  The combination of design and optimised geometry results in excellent performance and the extremely long tool life.

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