DIHART Reamax® TS reamers with KOMET ABS® adaptors


Flexibility Straight from the Toolbox

The ABS attachment point makes the DIHART Reamax® TS high-performance modular reaming system even more flexible.


The DIHART Reamax® TS tooling system for high-performance reaming offers the user the highest possible level of flexibility thanks to its modular design. The design and diameter of the reaming heads in the "Plug'n Ream" toolbox can be selected to suit the needs of any application and can be quickly and easily exchanged on the basic holder. This saves on tool costs and - thanks to quick availability - increases flexibility. Moreover, the handling of reaming tools is made significantly easier since there is no need for tiresome setting and adjustment tasks. In addition to the already available straight shank and DAH holders, the KOMET GROUP will, in future, also be able to supply the DIHART Reamax® TS toolbox with the added convenience of a KOMET ABS® holder. This means that users will be able to use existing ABS interfaces for reaming and will benefit from the flexibility of the extension and reduction pieces in the catalogue. This will enable reaming tools to be quickly adapted in line with different lengths and diameters without requiring the use of special tools. 

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