DIHART DAH Zero® – integrated concentricity when reaming


DIHART  DAH Zero®  with enhanced diameter spectrum 


The adjustable holder DIHART  DAH Zero® ensures integrated concentricity when reaming with the DIHART Reamax® TS  tooling system. The KOMET GROUP is expanding the successful system and will be offering diameters ranging from 18 to 42 mm in the future.    


High quality requirements or concentricity errors caused by the machine or spindle often necessitate an extremely precise adjustment of the concentricity properties of reamers. Following its modular concept the KOMET GROUP offers the adjustable holder DIHART  DAH  Zero® in the Plug´n ream toolbox of the DIHART Reamax® TS series. This enables concentricities with a precision of < 3 µm to be achieved, thereby fulfilling the most demanding requirements. The settings can be conducted within the machine with simple handling and very little time expenditure. The advantages provided by the holders, which are now available in a broad diameter spectrum ranging between 18 and 42 mm, are not only evident in the quality produced in the hole, but also in reduced tool strain, thereby ensuring a longer tool life and enhanced process reliability. 

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