DIHART Reamax® TS – New DBF and DBC coatings for reamers


The music plays at the cutting edge

The new high-tech coatings for the reaming heads of the DIHART Reamax® TS tooling system enable the KOMET GROUP to accommodate the increasing diversity of materials and to offer more individual tool designs for quicker machining processes.  


Coatings on cutting edges make a fine, yet crucial difference in the rhythm of reaming. In addition to the high-performance coating DBG-N which has so far proved very successful, the KOMET GROUP has now developed an alternative product in the shape of its new DBF coating, which is suitable for machining cast iron, nodular cast iron and vermicular cast iron. This provides the user with more options to respond to the increasing variety of material qualities and to optimise cutting values through individual tool design. The new DBF coating is particularly abrasion-resistant and is suitable for high cutting speeds.


Power in sound, i.e. quicker machining, is also the aim of the new DBC-coating. It is ideal for aluminium wrought alloys, aluminium cast alloys with a low silicon content and copper alloys. As a 'diamond-like carbon coating' it enables high cutting speeds.


Both coating types have expanded the application of the  DIHART  Reamax® TS  tooling system.

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