KOMET KomTronic® U-axis system in valve seat machining


High-end quality

Production Manager Jörg Westenberger at HOFSTETTER can vouch for a considerably higher level of quality and flexibility of the U-axis systems of the KOMET GROUP, when compared to other special tools used for machining valve seats.

"Product variance and the manufacture of individual parts in themselves clearly show how necessary the high level of flexibility in our production process is.", explains Jörg Westenberger, giving one of the reasons for deciding to purchase a KOMET KomTronic® U-axis system. The level of precision required, reflected particularly in such demanding processes as valve seat machining in high-performance cylinder heads, was however the deciding factor. The special tools that are normally used had reached their limits and the quality requirements could only be attained with great effort. Special tools used to machine complex contours in one operation produce high cutting pressures. Their cutting behaviour differs substantially from the 'lathe machining' such as is performed with the KOMET KomTronic® U-axis system.

Programmable contour machining

KOMET KomTronic® U-axis systems are mechatronic tool solutions that can be automatically exchanged from the tool magazine in machining centres. They are freely programmable, and enable complex lathe machining operations in one contour pass. This saves the purchase of special tools and makes it possible to respond quickly to changes in geometry. In relation to the quality that can be attained with the U-axes, Jörg Westenberger speaks of significant improvements in terms of surface quality, running tolerances, concentricity and angle precision.

Machining expertise at the limits of what is possible

For over 40 years, the tightest of tolerances, extremely difficult geometries and exotic materials have been all in a day's work for Günter Hofstetter Präzisions-Metallbearbeitung GmbH & Co. KG in Schwaigern. Known for high-end quality, the company has been supplying engine and drive chain components for development departments in the automotive industry since the mid-1980s. With expertise in the limits of what is possible, the manufacture of high-end solutions for motor sport, as well as the development of prototypes for series-production vehicles, is accommodated among the unique and individual parts produced by HOFSTETTER. In addition, production (designed for the highest level of precision and technical flexibility) is also used to manufacture exacting niche products for the vehicle industry, the aerospace industry, mechanical engineering, the medical industry or energy system construction, in small and medium-sized production runs.

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