5xD indexable insert drilling with interrupted cut


Machining processes with an interrupted cut pose a challenge due to ever-increasing length/diameter ratios. At Kaiser in Hamm, a  KOMET KUB Pentron®  is able to master extreme conditions up to 5xD.

The production of highly precise hydraulic components is one of the most challenging tasks in machining. This is particularly true if deep drilled holes are to be made with an interrupted cut. One company that has specialised in such work - among other things - is Wilhelm Kaiser Nachfolger GmbH in Hamm. The new  KOMET KUB Pentron®  indexable insert drills are used for machining the pistons of hydraulic cylinders (S355) in which drilled holes with a length/diameter ratio of 4 must be made.

High-performance drill technology

Tools supplied by the 
KOMET GROUP  are unique - from the basic holder variants to the indexable inserts. Both are patented and work together as high-performance drill technology. The basic holders are manufactured using special production technology. A special surface treatment ensures optimum chip removal and sliding properties. The square indexable inserts of the  KOMET KUB Pentron®  have four full-use cutting edges. The high-performance indexable index drills offer high precision and top performance parameters, even for deep drilled holes. They can cope with really extreme situations such as the piston machining conditions at Kaiser: They can drill on edges and to a depth of up to five times their diameter with an interrupted cut. The capability of the  KOMET KUB Pentron®  is also characterised by its cutting and feed values: "In comparison with the indexable insert drills traditionally available on the market, these are around 40% faster at cutting" says Kaiser.


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