DIHART Reamax® TS :Adjustable holders provide integral precision concentricity


Longer tool life, even under unfavourable conditions


The new adjustable DIHART DAH®  Zero holders ensure maximum precision concentricity in DIHART Reamax®  TS reamers, even when the machine or spindle conditions are less than favourable.


The modular DIHART Reamax®  TS tooling system is a clearly structured range of reaming heads from DIHART® , one of the brands of the KOMET GROUP.  It offers a high level of system modularity and precision. With the new adjustable DIHART  DAH®  Zero holders, concentricity problems in the machine or spindle can be easily corrected. Micro-precision adjustment of concentricity properties is achieved simply via four radially fitted screws. Even concentricity problems that occur during a tool change can be very easily corrected, while the process settings remain stable. The adjustable holders run smoothly and without vibrating. They are now also available as standard components in "Plug 'n' Ream" kits and are suitable for fitting to an expansion chuck or shrink chuck via a parallel shank.


For tool diameters of up to 35 millimetres, the adjustable holders mean that the balancing systems that are otherwise used can be dispensed with. With adjustable concentricity to an accuracy of < 3 μm, they meet the highest demands for precision and tool life.