Drilling and plunge milling with a single tool


With the KOMET®  Quatron  hi.feed  milling cutters, the KOMET GROUP is replicating the success of its proven  KOMET  KUB  Quatron®  drills in a new range of milling cutters. For roughing operations, this tool variant enables machinists to use the quadratic indexable inserts for both drilling and plunge milling.


The most striking feature of these universal tools is the four-edged Quatron indexable insert. For years it has been the compelling solution for drilling operations, remarkable not only for the number of its cutting edges, but above all for its rapid removal of high chip volumes properties that are now replicated in the new   KOMET®  Quatron  hi.feed  milling cutters. In addition, the Quatron indexable inserts also have a radial cutting action, which affords a considerably higher degree of flexibility in plunge and pocket milling by comparison with two- or three-edged inserts.


Machinists who have to cut deep grooves or large cavities in their workpieces often opt for plunge milling due to the dimensions or cutting capacities of the tools or the performance of the spindle inside the machine. Rather than boring with the use of multiple boring tools, it is possible to achieve various diameters and complex contours in one roughing operation by milling with an axial and a horizontal feed. Another plus point is that, in the  KOMET®  Quatron  hi.feed , the very same indexable inserts can be used for drilling as well as milling. The proven BK8425 coating delivers exceptional tool life. The tough substrate enables universal use of these screwable milling cutters for steel, cast iron and stainless materials.