New synchro tapping chuck in the JEL® product programme


When working with feed rate per rotation, a JEL®  JSF synchro tapping chuck provides optimum compensation for the backlash which occurs during reversing.


In the mode known as “rigid tapping”, modern CNC machines allow thread tapping without a compensating chuck. The backlash of the spindle, which occurs during reversing, causes stress to one side of the threading tool, thread cutting tap or form tap. This results in reduced tool life and quality impairment in the surface of the thread.


To compensate for this, the product programme of the thread cutting specialists will in future offer users two variants of the new JEL®  JSF synchro tapping chuck, with HSK-A63 and straight shank connection. The HSK-A63 model is available in two sizes: M4 - M14 for square drive collet size ER20, and M4 - M20 for size ER32. To bridge over projecting edges, there is another variant available with HSK-A63 connection, A=160 mm for thread dimensions M4 -M12. To enable them to be adapted to all other machine connections via a Whistle Notch or Weldon tool holder, the JEL®  JSF synchro tapping chuck are also available with a straight shank. Like the tapping chuck with HSK-A63, these are also available in 2 sizes. M4 - M12 for collet ER20 and M4 - M20 for ER32. A common feature for all variants is that they can all be used with internal coolant supply or MQL 1 channel system. Until now, it was always necessary to use two different chucks.


The new JEL®  JSF synchro tapping chucks meet the requirements for achieving optimum performance from the thread cutting tap or form tap used.