KOMET® introduces Bluetooth technology to precision drilling systems


Modern wireless networking is one of the benefits which the KOMET GROUP has brought to the new KOMET MicroKom® BluFlex™ precision adjustment system. The new tooling system will be presented at the EMO 2009. 


Bluetooth is a technology developed for wirelessly networking devices over short distances. This technology has now become standard for small mobile devices. By introducing Bluetooth to the KOMET MicroKom®  BluFlex™  tool system, tool developers at the KOMET GROUP have separated the display from the tool head, thereby making it more convenient to read off the data in a greater variety of ways. When adjusting the precision adjustment head, the user can attach the external display unit in any position within his field of view, according to local conditions. The larger numbers and illumination of the display also make it easier to read off the settings. A specially designed adjustment key with integral Bluetooth interface is also part of the system. The display unit and the adjustment key can be used for every KOMET MicroKom®  BluFlex™  precision adjustment head, which reduces costs when investing in several precision adjustment heads. The use of commercially available batteries that can be easily changed locally in all components, as well as the option to use batteries in the display unit and adjustment key are a further positive feature with additional benefits for the customer.


Other advantages of the new  KOMET MicroKom®  BluFlex™ precision adjustment head are improved performance thanks to the integrated balance compensation and greater rotational speeds that are achievable thanks to the separate display.

The modular KOMET ABS®  interface on the spindle side makes adaptation to different machine spindles much easier. Instead of the two well-known KOMET MicroKom®  M040 variants with KOMET ABS®  or shank connection on the tool side, in the future there will only be one design with a universal tool interface that is suitable for clamping both KOMET ABS®  and shank tools.