New KOMET® KUB DrillmaxTM solid carbide drill for small diameters


In addition to the comprehensive range of indexable insert drills, the KOMET GROUP is adding the  KOMET®  KUB DrillmaxTM solid carbide high-performance drill for small diameters to its standard catalogue range.


KOMET®  indexable insert drills are used for bore diameters of 12 millimetres or more. Until now, solid carbide drills have been created on request and for smaller bore diameters as a special solution, as part of complete component machining. By adapting cutting geometries, cutting materials and coatings, these tools have met the most diverse, application-specific demands. This know-how has now been incorporated in a standard tool series which is available quickly from stock. 


The new  KOMET®  KUB DrillmaxTM  high-performance solid carbide drills meet the highest of demands. In future, the KOMET GROUP will provide these tools for bore diameters of 3 to 16 millimetres and in length/diameter ratios of 5xD and 8xD. Adapting the carbide and coating to the drill geometry ensures best machining results. Optimised, special flutes allow excellent chip clearance during a highly productive machining process.  KOMET®  KUB DrillmaxTM  high-performance drills ensure process reliability and extremely high precision in any steel or cast metal machining application.