Diamond-coated tools

Perfect surface with outstanding layer adhesion

Diamond-coated tools are fast, universal and efficient- in other words quite simply versatile. They are excellently suited for machining graphite, fibre-reinforced plastics and aluminium alloys.
The high-grade "customised" layers are mainly used in the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace industries, for mould making and in the energy sector.

Diamond-coated tools have major saving potentials with regard to economic efficiency and productivity. From the characteristics of the carbide to the verifiability of increased performance, KOMET RHOBEST introduces innovative detailed knowledge along the value creation chain to further advance the machining of new high-tech and composite materials. 

Areas of use

The all-rounder layer

Diamond is the hardest known mineral. The high quality and purity of diamond layers almost reveal the identical properties as natural diamond. As a technology and quality leader, KOMET RHOBEST will be applying its expertise in the field of diamond-coated milling cutters to the development of nano-diamond-coated drills and reversible blades in future, and presenting new products.