KOMET®  indexable inserts


Versatility as standard

With KOMET®  indexable inserts and the corresponding
tool range, the user has at his disposal an extremely
capable concept for the machining of all types of
materials. Indexable inserts from KOMET®  come in a
huge range. The characteristics of the main features of
the cutter geometry, such as the cutting angle, the
formation of the cutter tip and the rounding of the
cutting edge guarantee active cutting control, burr
minimisation, perfect surface quality, high stability,
optimum cutting force absorption and the possibility of
machining all types of materials.


  • Indexable inserts for cast, aluminium,
    steel and stainless steels
  • For solid drilling, rough boring, fine boring
    and reaming

Your PLUS:

  • Active cutting control
  • Burr minimisation
  • Perfect surface quality
  • Optimum cutting force absorption
  • High stability
  • Different coatings

Cutting material highlights / Geometries:

  • Geometry 33 specially for the reduction of burr
    formation and burr minimisation
  • Geometries 14, 15 and 16 for optimum cutting
    control and perfect surface quality for rough
    boring and fine boring

Film Applications

Wendeschneidplatte mit Beschichtung BK8425

Indexable insert with coating BK7615

Top cast machining performance with BK7615

    • Increase in process reliability
    • Reducing the processing time by increasing the average
    • Increase in contact time of up to 100% possible


    New products:

    Wendeschneidplatte mit Beschichtung BK8425

    Indexable insert with coating BK8425

    The wear-proof all-round coating

    • 30% productivity increase by
      enhancement of the cutting parameters,
      while maintaining  the same service life
    • Suitable for internal and external cutters
    • Tough and wear-proof
    • Suitable for castings, steel and
      stainless materials
    • Suitable for continuous cutting 

    Sorte BK6115 für WOEX in Geometrie 01 und 00

    New indexable insert type BK6115
    for WOEX

    • High-performance type for casting
      and steel machining, also for use
      in stainless steels
    • Higher cutting speeds thanks to
      AL2O3 coating
    • Steel and castings up to 350 m/min,
      stainless materials up to 250 m/min
    • For rough boring

    Sorte BK6115

    New type BK6115
    Tangential indexable inserts

    Optimum matching between the
    basic substrate and CVD coating for
    maximum performance in machining
    cast, e.g. GG25, GGG40, … 

    ISO Wendeschneidplatten-Programm von KOMET®

    ISO indexable inserts range
    from KOMET

    The new ISO indexable insert
    range from KOMET®  is particularly
    suitable in rough boring and turning
    applications for steel and cast iron
    materials, stainless materials and
    aluminium. The optimum combination
    of topography and cutting material
    types ensures maximum cutting
    parameters, good wear resistance
    and outstanding surface

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