Welcome to the IDEEN-FABRIK+

Seminar programme

With the IDEEN-FABRIK+ and the comprehensive seminar programme for customers and employee qualification,
we aim to offer you a measurable and permanent competitive advantage in your markets.

In the IDEEN-FABRIK+ we want to reduce your unit costs and increase your productivity. We specifically improve
your employees’ qualifications. We make them aware of the performance potentials of tools and cutting materials,
and the optimisation of the cutting parameters which can be achieved in this way. We train them in the effective
application of innovative tooling technology.

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Seminar overview

  Nr. Seminar
C 01 Solid drilling with indexable inserts
C 02 Rough boring and fi ne boring
C 03 Precision reaming
C 04 Thread tapping
S 01 Aluminium processing
S 02 Cast processing
S 03 Steel, cast steel and other material processing
S 04 Production optimisation
S 05 KomFace Tools
S 06 KomTronic® systems
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