Cylinder block


Cylinder blocks in all sizes from compact car engine
to large goods vehicle or ship’s engine made of various



Precision tools from KOMET®  for specific machining
of the following:

  • Aluminium
  • Cast iron
  • CGI


Finish machining with M042

  • The unique KOMET®
    M042 system allows
    “closed loop” machining
  • Automatic resetting on
    the machine
  • 3 cutting edges for semifinish
  • One cutting edge for finish
    machining during withdrawal

Cylinder bore roughing

  • Inserts with guiding geometry
  • Feeds up to 0.4 mm/tooth

Core plug bore

  • Pre- and finish machining
    with one tool

Oil channel fine boring

  • Short, compact design
  • Triangular insert

KUB Trigon®  solid drilling

  • Proven drill design
  • Insert with improved tool life