KOMET TwinKom®  G01

Axial-radial adjustable rough boring tool

KOMET TwinKom®   G01

The KOMET TwinKom®  G01 is the right
tool for rough boring in the range from
24.0 to 401.0 mm diameter. Axially
adjustable tool-cutter holders and
radially adjustable clamping holders
ensure even cut distribution over both
cutters, together with full double-edge
cutting capability. 

For combination roughing / combination
finishing, distribution across the full
cutting width is achieved by axial and
radial offsetting of the cutter. The cutting
forces occurring are therefore better
distributed, thereby partly dispensing
with intermediate machining.



  • Diameter range
    from 24.0 to 401.0 mm
  • Available with and without axial adjustment
  • Combination roughing / combination finishing
  • Different cutter shapes

Your PLUS:

  • Maximum dimensional accuracy of the cutters
  • Guaranteed good cylindricity even for long and large-diameter bores
  • Radially adjustable clamping holders for full double-edge cutting capability
  • Radially adjustable clamping holders enable cut distribution at greater cutting depths
  • Compact tool construction
  • For deep boring operations the spiral grooves help to remove chips