Even more perfectly joined

One benefit of the new version of the KOMET ABS® connection is substantially higher clamping forces. It is fully compatible with the existing system, and also matches the original's high precision demands. In tooling systems, the tool adapter is an important element between the tool and machine.

It must be able to transfer the machining forces safely. Moreover, tool adapters greatly influence the quality of the machining result. They also contribute to a cost efficient machining process. KOMET ABS® connections form a modular coupling system for rotating and stationary tools. The interface system is designed according to the modular principle. In this way, users can quickly and cheaply make use of modular metal cutting tools, extensions or adaptors. Since its launch by  KOMET® in 1981, the system has become established globally. It has fully developed components for each requirement.

The new KOMET ABS® is a technological leap forwards. The patented modifications have led to an increase of approx. 20 % in the clamping force. This means better transmission of power along with the corresponding effects on the machining result. During use, the new KOMET ABS® connections are quieter, and can achieve better cutting values. On the other hand, it also means reduced tightening torque at a constant required clamping force. The service life of the assembly parts are therefore longer.
With 100 % system compatibility, existing
and new components can be combined
with each other.

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Benefits for you:

  • Better transmission of power
  • Optimum machining result
  • Achieves better cutting values
  • Less noise during production
  • System 100% upwards and downwards compatible
  • Suitable for ABS, ABS-N and ABS-T

Features / changes:

  • The new ABS® is generally compatible with all conventional ABS® systems. You can see the variation possibilities illustrated above.
  • Instead of a 90° tip, the floating pin now has a stepped shape at the flank towards the taper screw at which two contact parts are planned. Through the new shape, the basic body of the floating pin is longer and thus, a better guidance in the bore of the spigot is achieved.
  • The taper screw was also improved by a new design with the features described above. This results in an increase of the clamping force and a higher accuracy of the ABS® system. Through the modifications mentioned, a better overall rigidity of the ABS®  system is achieved in addition. More efficient cutting tools can be used with the new ABS®  without any problems.

Patent applied for inside and outside Germany (ABS®)