KUB Trigon®

High-performance drill for small diameters

KOMET KUB® Drillmax

The new KUB® Drillmax high-performance solid carbide drills complete our range for drill diameters of 3 to 16 mm and length/diameter ratios of 5×D and 7-8×D for small diameter ranges.

Optimised, special flutes are ideal for removing chips and for highly productive machining.



  • Drill diameter: 3.00 – 16.00 mm
  • Hole tolerance: IT9 (achievable)
  • Drilling depth: 5×D, 8×D
  • Shank shape: HA (DIN 6535)
  • Coating: TiAlN
  • Point angle: 140°
  • Lateral rake angle: 30°
  • Internal coolant supply

Your PLUS:

  • Excellent hole tolerances
  • optimum chip removal thanks to special flutes
  • optimum machining result thanks to good coordination of carbide and coating with drill geometry
  • long tool edge life thanks to effective coating