One-way heads

Fast changing due to modular design

DIHART®  rapid set head

The rapid set head from DIHART®  ensure fast and reliable replacement of the cutter. The rapid set head tipped with carbide and DST can be fitted to all DIHART®  rapid set head holders. The longer service life reduces the tool changing frequency enormously.



  • Diameters from 9.6 to 60.0 mm

Your PLUS:

  • Easy and fast replacement of the reaming heads
  • Simple handling, short changing times
  • Lefthand cutters for maximum productivity
  • High dimensional stability
  • High economy
  • Maximum bore quality
  • High process capability
  • With and without internal coolant supply
  • Carbide or Cermet
  • Adapters: steep-angle taper (SK), ABS®, HSK, cylindrical shank or DIHART®  compensating holder
  • Different coatings