Modular reaming system

DIHART Reamax®  TS

With a uniform clamping system and a standardised separation point for all DIHART®  reaming heads, the completely new tool concept KOMET DIHART Reamax®  TS offers maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness thanks to fast and high-precision tool changing.

DIHART Reamax®  TS guarantees a maximum of system modularity thanks to a versatile and clearly structured range of reaming heads which can handle all commonly encountered diameter ranges and machining requirements. Tool costs and logistical expenditure are thereby reduced to a minimum.

Tool changing is child’s play. The unique modular principle minimises the handling requirement, thereby increasing machine operating times.


  • All current materials
  • Through holes and blind bores
  • Small bore tolerances
  • Up to 5xD
  • High speed – up to 500 m/min
  • Feed – up to 2.4 mm/rev

Your PLUS:

  • Fast, high-precision tool change
  • Absolute minimum setting time
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Simple and cost-effective tool logistics
  • High precision adjustment
  • Application-specific cutting edge geometry

Easy assembly with Dihart Reamax TS
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Reamax®  TS

Video DIHART Reamax® TS with ABS®

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