Clutch housing


  • Optimized complete machining of a goods
    vehicle clutch housing in aluminium
  • Need for shortest machining time with
    highest requirements for component quality



  • Use of fine machining tools with multiple
    cutting edges
  • Reduction of number of tools by using
    combination tools
  • Finish milling large diameters instead
    of finish boring
  • Tool holders with axial and radial adjustment



  • PCD monoblock reaming tool with
    replaceable PCD cartridge for
    different step length
  • Reaming with multiple cutting
    edges to IT6 quality

  • PCD milling tool as monoblock
    or with replaceable head with
    taper / face contact for rigide,
    low vibration machining

  • Easier step boring and thread
    cutting operations with solid
    carbide tools held in standard
    extensions from the ABS®
  • Indexing holes for 2nd clamping
    position directly finish bored
    with one tool
  • Machining time approximately
    1 second