Timing housing


  • Precision parts
  • Large quantity
  • Completion of 30 pre-series tools in carbide
    designs in only 4 weeks
  • Savings in tool change times
  • Milling of sealing surfaces in defined
    range of roughness



  • Optimum combination of PCD tools
  • Forward and reversed machining with one tool
  • Finish machining in one pass
  • Fixed PCD tools eliminiate setup time
  • Reduction to 23 PCD tools for batch production
    by better machining combinations
  • Improvement in form and position tolerances by
    avoiding handling operations (reverse machining)
  • Dihart®  PCD milling tools with special cutting
    edge geometry
  • No need for manual deburring or conventional brushing
    because of JEL®  PCD thread milling tool with deburring
    edge for buttress thread
  • No chip problems and residual chips in the housing due
    to forming instead of drilling of the smaller thread with
  • Machining of fitting diameter on oil filter connection with
    just one tool
  • Special face geometry of Dihart®  milling cuter tool means
    no pre-machining necessary
  • Internal and external geometry machined with one tool –
    the diameters “work” extremely well in relation to each other
  • Use of brazed, multiflute PCD tools: no setting cost,
    no stock of spare parts. Fined balanced and designed for
    high speed machining


Saving tools by using combinations

TOMILL thread milling tool with
special deburring insert.
No additional maching required

Internal and external machining with one tool

Multiple cutting edges for maximum feed rates

Combination tools reduce tool changes