Profiles in drillings without faceting

Circular interpolation grooving

Profiles were previously created in
drillings such as internal grooves by
circular milling or interpolation
grooving. In order to be able to produce
components completely on flexible
processing centres, the KOMET GROUP
has developed the circular interpolation
grooving process.

In circular interpolation grooving, the
principle of interpolation grooving has
been transferred from a lathe to a
processing centre. The tool is guided
into the stationary workpiece on an
interpolation path around the workpiece
axis calculated by the controls. This
means that the cutter is vertical to the
tangent of the drill cylinder at every
point of the orbit. The tool therefore
turns around its own axis only once
during one circuit in the workpiece.
In order to implement the programming
on a processing centre, the spindle of
the machine must be programmable
and controllable as an axis.

enlarged view

Circular interpolation grooving



  • For all internal and external grooves,
    free grooves and annular grooves

Your PLUS:

  • The turning process can be carried out
    on a machining centre
  • Services without the typical faceting of
    circular milling
  • Complex groove forms possible
  • Short processing times
  • Better service quality than with milling,
    since the cutter is continually engaged
  • High cutting speeds
  • One tool for roughing and finishing
  • Lower susceptibility to vibrations
  • Stable tools thanks to the asymmetric
    design, even with an unfavourable
    diameter-length ratio
  • The turning process can be carried out
    on a machining centre
  • Problem-free cut distribution even for
    very deep-lying grooves
  • Very good surface quality of the grooves
  • Very good reproducibility of the grooves
    in aluminium