Bluetooth® technology

Modern wireless networking is one of the benefits with which the new  MicroKom BluFlex® fine adjustment head is equipped.
Bluetooth® technology is developed for wirelessly networking devices over short distances. This technology has become standard for small mobile devices.
The introduction of  Bluetooth® technology in the MicroKom BluFlex®  tool system means that the display has been disconnected from the tool head, thereby making it easier and more convenient to read off the data. When adjusting the tool system, the user can move the display to suit the conditions on site, so that it is in his field of view. A specially designed adjustment key with integral Bluetooth® interface is part of the system.
With integral part balancing, the  MicroKom BluFlex® can reach a rotational speed of up to 16,000 rpm.
The modular  ABS® interface makes adjustment easier on both the spindle
side and tool side.



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Bluetooth® technology is a Bluetooth SIG, Inc. brand name