KOMET MicroKom®  M03 Speed

µm-accurate fine adjustment

KOMET MicroKom®  M03 Speed

The KOMET MicroKom®  M03 Speed
micro-adjustable head with its
µm-accurate fine adjustment with
balancing offers the facility to machine
bores to high precision. The application
possibilities are particularly versatile
thanks to the combination with
light-construction bridge tools.



  • Fine adjustment in 0.002 mm steps without clamps from Ø 24.8 – 206 mm (from Ø 100 mm with replaceable bridge system)
  • HSC machining up to 40,000 mm-1
  • Better surface qualities with simultaneously higher cutting speeds for shorter machining times
  • Forward and reverse machining with different setting angles
  • 5 main bodies for diameters
    from 24.8 - 206 mm
  • 3 main bodies and 2 or 3 adaptable
    replaceable bridges for diameters
    from 38 - 206 mm
  • KOMET®  bridge tools
    for diameters > 206 mm

Your PLUS:

  • Automatic, dynamic balancing in the adjustment plane of the cutter: on change of the cutter position the compensation of the weights takes place automatically by means of a diametrically adjustable balancing weight
  • Flexible thanks to replaceable cutter holders
  • Geometrically identical and therefore compatible with the previous M03 tool