We are more creators than any other archetype. The creativity which distinguishes us internationally in our processes and products forms the core of our personality. It is what we and all those with whom we collaborate associate most strongly with the KOMET GROUP.


These are our inner values. There is also an outer value. Creators have not just to provide technical innovation, but also aesthetics. We need to broadcast what we are. Modern dynamics and aesthetics should contribute to the attractivity of our brand.


As far as ambition is concerned - meaning the characteristic which constantly drives us forwards, searching for the best solution and refusing to be held up by obstacles – that can only be the hero !


Two further archetypal personalities are mirrored in our support: the carer and the wise person. We are carers because we really want to help. At the same time, the wise person, who is represented in the wide experience and qualifications of our employees, ensures that the will to care is used productively.


At the same time, our leadership in innovation also makes us a leader brand. Our clear and efficient ideas set future standards and make us role models. We are a benchmark on which all market participants have to orientate themselves.