Reaming: Modular design and ease of handling

Cost effi ciency from the DIHART® Plug´n ream toolbox from the KOMET GROUP


The DIHART Reamax® TS tooling system satisfi es the widest variety of demands that users expect in terms of quality and cost effi ciency when reaming. The system saves on tooling costs, because of its modular structure and its easily exchangeable reaming heads allow it to be used for a wide variety of components.


Sustainably successful in-house training courses for machine operators

The IDEEN-FABRIK+ from the KOMET GROUP on site at URACA


„We want to achieve the best quality possible. We need to use high-tech tools for this, and we want to use them well,“ says Fritz Dieterle, Deputy Head of the Mechanical Production department at URACA on his motivation for organising in-house training courses on continuous drilling with indexable inserts.


Freedom in production

Prospects of complete machining in machining centres


In machining which involves chip creation, coplanar workpieces with turning contours present particular challenges. Using mechatronic tooling systems, such as the KOMET KomTronic® U-axes, new freedoms are now  created in machining production on fl exible machining centres.



KOMET SERVICE®  is the innovative Service brand name of the KOMET GROUP

Fast tool reconditioning for reliably long-lasting precision and maximum process reliability - KOMET SERVICE® now provides this facility. With the introduction of an extensive network of service partners, the KOMET GROUP will in future increase its product and service portfolio through the addition of a professional tool service department.


DIHART® reamers:

Getting closer to the customer with a new product line and service strategy

Efficiency, speed and flexibility are the basic requirements today for success in the market. The reamer specialist DIHART® has faced this challenge and scrutinised and restructured all the manufacturing processes required to meet it.