Cost saving and environmental compatibility


Minimum Quantity Lubrication  (MQL)

All tools of the KOMET GROUP, in particular the complete KUB®  drill family, thread milling cutters and some reamers, are designed as standard for MQL, or can be modified for this purpose. Special tools and special tool systems are designed as required for use under MQL conditions. In order to ensure process reliability with improved cutting parameters, the geometry, cutting materials and clamping technology of the tools must all be designed to be compatible with MQL. The force-clamping cartridge KomLoc®  and a wide range of ABS®  and ABS®  N clamping devices are suitable for MQL. The tool shafts of the KOMET®  range also comply with the current standardisation proposals of the High Performance Cutting (HPC) joint project.

Minimum quantity lubrication opens up a wide range of benefits in comparison to conventional lubrication and cooling methods.

Your PLUS:

  • Environmental compatibility: No disposal of the cooling lubricant required
  • Cost saving in lubricant logistics
  • No maintenance required for cooling lubricant and machine
  • No thermal shock to the tool
  • Improvement of the lubricant effect
  • Minimal costs for the lubricant medium



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