KOMET KUB Centron®

Modular drills
up to 9xD

KOMET KUB Centron®

The KOMET KUB Centron®  modular
drill produces maximum performance
data and at the same time maximum
reliability for boring depths up to 9xD.
This allows almost any materials to
be reliably machined.

Film Application
KOMET KUB Centron®



  • For drilling depths from 4xD to 9xD
  • Suitable for rotating and stationary and also for vertical and horizontal applications
  • Diameter range
    from 20.0 to 81.0 mm

Your PLUS:

  • High process reliability
  • Short process times due to high performance parameters
  • High flexibility thanks to the modular design
  • Increased concentricity
  • Increased service life
  • Favourable purchasing costs
  • Cost-effective stocking and easy handling thanks to identical internal and external indexable inserts
  • Reliable machining of almost all materials