KUB K2 step drill

KUB K2® step drill

Step drill for continuous drilling with up to three counterboring steps

Drilling and chamfering in one step.


All-rounder: Versatile replaceable head drill With this replaceable head system for the double-cutting KUB K2®, KOMET® has introduced an ingenious system
of replaceable drill heads.
These now also make the most of the cost efficiency and flexibility advantages of replaceable cutting heads in an extremely wide variety of different areas of application and materials.
A patented attachment point makes them self-clamping, self-centring, this results in higher repeating accuracy and the tool change times are reduced to a minimum.


The KUB K2® step drills are manufactured on request with internal coolant supply. The chip flute design minimizes chip jamming ensuring good evacuation of the chips.





Application example: Rocker arms for HGV engines:

Diameter: 17.7 mm
Campfer: 1.5×60°
Drilling depth: 10 + 12 mm
Material: GGG 50
Cutting data: vc = 70
f = 0.2
vf = 250
Tool life: 3700 components
ca. 74 m
vb ~ 0.08 mm
End of tool life not yet reached

Your PLUS:

  • Use of the H70 and H71 replaceable heads
  • Fewer tools and less changeover time required
  • Increased process reliability
  • Improved tool life
  • Shorter machining times