KOMET KUB®  Drills

Adjustable indexable
insert drills

KOMET KUB®  Drills

In the model series of KOMET
KUB®  drills, the indexable insert of
the outer cutter, with a radius
of 0.75 mm, is adjustable to the
required diameter. Every intermediate
dimension during drilling is therefore
fully adjustable up to D +1 mm /
D -0.5 mm.



  • Drilling depths 2xD and 3xD
  • Diameter range from 38.5 to 82.0 mm
  • For steel, stainless steels, cast and non-ferrous metals

Your PLUS:

  • Easy setting of the required diameter
  • Ideally suitable for solid drilling and blind hole drilling
  • Comprehensive indexable insert range
  • Cost-effective stocking and easy handling thanks to identical internal and external indexable inserts
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio