Modularity in roughing

KOMET TwinKom®  Double-cutter range

The innovative KOMET TwinKom®  rough boring range is characterised by its outstanding performance capability, flexibility and modularity. The additional wide selection of different holders, indexable inserts and coatings make it ideal for almost any application. Even the most difficult machining tasks can be solved with the corresponding cutter geometry.

Range overview KOMET®  rough boring:

KOMET TwinKom® G01

Cabeçote Mandrilador: KOMET TwinKom®G01
Ø: 24,0 até 401,0 mm
Broca: KOMET TwinKom®G016
Ø: 198,0 até 401,0 mm

KOMET TwinKom® G04

Cabeçote Mandrilador: KOMET TwinKom®G04
Ø: 30,0 até 204,0 mm

KOMET TwinKom® Doppelschneider

Cabeote Mandilador: KOMET TwinKom®Duplo Corte

Ø: 206,0 até 1050,0 mm

KOMET® PreciKom

KOMET® PreciKomDesbaste e Acabamento

Tecnologia - WSP

Nossos Catálogos Suplementares:

Cabeçote de Mandrilar:KOMET Easy Special™(Sob Encomenda)
Ø: 14,0 até 44,0 mm

Cabeçote de Mandrilar:KOMET KUB®Fundo Plano
Ø: 37,0 até 64,0 mm
Haste: ABS

Rebarbadores:KOMET®Escareadores e Rebarbadores
Ø: 10,0 até 48,0 mm