ASG 3000 and ASG 4000 – the new chip control geometry
for  Reamax®,  Reamax® TS,  Monomax®, Cutting ring and  Duomax



Long and uncontrolled chips are a common problem.

Remedying this often requires the machine operator to manually intervene, and the resulting poor process-reliability in machining makes the operating times and the machining results difficult to estimate and calculate.
The DIHART® reaming specialists set about making systematic improvements. The ASG3000 and ASG4000 was developed.

By adding an additional flute, chip deflection is defined and led along the cutting edge. In long-chipping materials, short and tight helical chips are formed that prevent the classic problems of ball or thread chips from forming. In addition, blockages of coolant holes and the erosion of base bodies no longer occur.

With this extra benefit and the performance remaining at least equally good in terms of drilling quality and tool life by comparison with the existing standard ASG07 and ASG09 geometry, the ASG3000 and the ASG4000 is setting new standards. The ASG3000 is now the first choice of geometry and has replaced the existing ASG07. The ASG4000 replaces the ASG09.