Monomax adjustable

One-piece reamers

DIHART Monomax®

One-piece tools, so-called monoblock tools are available in an enormous range of types and variants. The DIHART Monomax®  monoblock tool range is consistently standardised. As a result, all variants can be produced and delivered in a very short time. DIHART Monomax®  comes in fixed or adjustable versions.


  • Diameters from 5.6 to 25.89mm
  • In all materials and bore types: carbide or Cermet version, different coatings
  • Blind holes or through bores: radial or central internal cooling, straight and lefthand

Your PLUS:


  • Maximum service life thanks to wear compensation
  • Enormous range of types and variants
  • Modular blank concept
  • Closest tolerances
  • Short delivery time
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Maximum process capability
  • Defined chip flow


  • Maximum stability
  • High-precision ground to size
  • Coolant supply direct onto the cutter
  • High process reliability